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Scott Lang 9 months ago
this is anti-porn.
11 months ago
Let the worthless gold digging bitch go with him just make it perfectly clear that she is not welcome back in your home. Especially after he cheats or dumps her ass.
9 months ago
I thought this dude was white cuz he sound like such a pussy while whispering, holy fuck was I wrong, cannot let that slide.
Yooo 11 months ago
What Jibrizzy doing here?! hahaha
9 months ago
Take this shit off
Commit 9 months ago
I still busted to this
That Juggalo Guy 9 months ago
She said why are you doing this to me? Like she talking to her dad and not her husband
Sims: Ho Edition 9 months ago
Why do they move and act like they're in The Sims, tho?
Gay fb videos 7 months ago
Really?!? Now I've got to watch this kind of bad acting and rediculously fake skits while wanking too now? Cmon man!
LOL BROTHER 9 months ago
He said "Let me have word with you brother" bitch please he ain't ur brother lol